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Girrrrrrrl, you must be so glad to not be with that idiot anymore.

Your blog is great! Reminds me of my past life. Now I'm married with two kids.

I'm blogrolling your butt.

Hang in there and stay picky!!


Thanks MIM...blogrolling, I love that. I'll be rolling your ass next!


Ha ha ha. The more I hear about David, the more I loathe him. Where's the Cafe Press store, milady?
Oh, and blogrolling, you newbie, you--the list many people have on the side of their blogs, listing the other blogs they read--that is called a blogroll.


Okay. Now EVERYONE at Starbucks is wondering why I suddenly shot coffee out my nose. Dang, Amy. Now that Heidi knows what blogrolling REALLY is, I'm not getting my ass rolled. Thanks! Sheesh.

heidi soon as I figure out how to actual have a blog roll, your ass will certainly be on it....or a link to your URL at least. Oh yeah, I went to your site....fuckin' hilarious. I often don't know "Shit about Fuck" I just never knew it could be orated in those three little words.

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