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Well, you did ask for feedback. What were you expecting? All positives? That wouldn't be very helpful, would it?
But we both know you're not ugly. Personally I like the old photo from the blog better, and also the ones with Vivian that Lance took.
So, in summation: I have no idea why you are not getting dates, but perhaps there is just a lull in the scene. It's only been a month or so, right?


Although, yes--this post was pretty funny.


okay, it is a great picture. but you kinda look like you are missing 2 bottom toofs there a little bit.

maybe you should have your picture taken in front of a synogogue so you can truthfully say that you go occasionally.

you are funny. yes you are.

but i am thinking e-harmony might be a better way to go that this crap shoot you're trying to run.


I had to throw in my two cents on the online dating thing - go to the park with a good girlfriend and have her take a bunch of pictures of you. You will end up with one you love. Natural light is always better. That picture of you does not do you justice. Also, state what you really want from a man. Be very forthright. Give them more details so that they feel like they would have something in common with you.

Regarding your jewelry - have you thought about putting them on eBay? It is really easy. I have an eBay store and it has been very simple and easy to manage. Your designs are wonderful! I'll bet they sell like crazy!

Good luck with both of those!!! And I love your blog!


I like your glasses. Glasses are way sexy (and I'm not just saying that because I wear them, too).


Not all jew boys are against goy girls - my brother is living with one right now. BTW, jews don't believe in hell, so you're all clear on that front. I don't think you're ugly at all (and I'm way obnoxious and judgmental) - in fact look super cute, but maybe do what another person suggested and try having a few pics taken in natural sunlight? I'm way less pretty than you are, and I always photograph better in natural light. Also, be super assertive about introducing yourself to new guys and all that outgoing crap that I can't do myself - a lot of guys are excellent at being friends with girls but are too stupid to realize when one likes them. At least, that's my brother's situation. The last 3 girls he's dated over the last 10 years all went after him because he was too shy-like to go after them. And yes, my brother is the only jewish guy I know.


Thanks Yogurt girl. I'll get better pictures. Hopefully my outgoing-ness will land me a man. If you need lessons, just give me a holler. I ain't afrain to talk to nobody.


I think you are beautiful.


I love that picture - I think it looks relaxed and happy and natural. I think some of the commentary you got back was unnecessarily harsh, but some of that is because most guys don't have the same language filters we do (here's where I get a bunch of enraged people yelling at me for making gender assumptions).

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