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Kind of makes you want to hunt down Steve and murder him. To put it nicely.


I am soooo glad that you spoke back to him!

My heart did indeed drop. It makes me feel a teeny bit better that your brother is doing relatively ok. But relative is probably the key word.

I am in agreement with David right now.


As a mother, I think of my own son in this scenario and nearly tremble.

I know exactly what you mean when you say this one was "taxing" - but for people like you and I, it is almost a form of healing to get it all out.


Mother of god, your poor brother. Murder is too good for ol' Steve. Prison is the best punishment for people like that - they usually get what they deserve from the other inmates soon enough.


Your strength is truely impressive and my heart goes out to you and your family.

the weirdgirl

I feel you.


Ah, God. Just when I thought your story couldn't get any worse, this. I could puke thinking of a child being molested. Steve is a monster. There is not possible fitting punishment, at least not in this life.

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