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I don't have any teenage girls, but I will share my opinions with you.

1. Agreed on 10.

2. I think I remember being dropped off at the movies and mall as a freshman, but I had EARNED that right by showing myself repsonsible.

3. Usually they do. Espcially about midriff baring and the like.

4. They probably do, but they shouldn't. ;)

5. I'm gonna say tampons. I began using them late freshman year, although up til that point it was pads. But tampons have come a long way since then.

I think it is great what you are doing for her Heidi. And I think you will make a great mom.

And, after seeing Amy's necklace, I have been wanting one, but am hesitant since I know I want another baby. So bear with me, my friend!


Oh my god, those questions terrify me. Please tell me Vivian will never be a 14 year old girl.
Wait. Now *that* terrifies me. Of course she will be a 14 year old girl. (deep breath). Okay, please tell me you will help me handle her as a 14 yr old girl.

You are, of course, an awesome aunt. Your neice is really fortunate to have you in her corner.

the weirdgirl

1. I would say 9, 10 the absolute latest! Plus, you might want to see if there are any local curfew laws for teens. A lot of cities have been putting those in place.

2. I think it's fine to let a 14-year-old go unsupervised. (I mean, we were all what? 7 or 8 when we were allowed to roam free? Not that I think that's OK, now, but you know what I mean.) Also, 12 is the lawful age a child is allowed to stay home by themselves in California so I think the movies are cool.

3. No idea. All the NorCA schools do. (How sucky is that?)

4. My hair has just turned white.

5. I think that's a personal choice. I remember I used pads but had friends who used either or both when I was a freshman.


My kids are never turning 14. I told them so and they agreed. Ha.

Here are my thoughts anyway.

1. 10pm for sure.

2. Yes, but only if you know with who and where and when they will be home.

3. Yes, but mostly against gang stuff and too short of shorts. Not a huge deal.

4. Unfortunetly, yes.

5. No clue. Depends on the kid. If she is wearing thongs, I would say tampons.

You rock as an aunt by the way. And your boyfriend is the coolest.


I know nothing about teenagers, being hardly about to remember my own teenage years. I do know this, however: NO ONE wants to wear a pad. If your period happens to start at age 11 (and I know people for whom this happened), okay, maybe you're too young for a tampon. But a 14 year old could and should use a tampon. Pads...smell. You can smell the blood on them. Ack.

Ack, I tell you!

The necklace is supremely cool. And so are you, as an aunt. I would have liked to have an aunt like you when I was 14.


You are such a good girl.


I just wanted to say congrats to your bro and good for you for letting everyone in on the secret that people that use drugs can still be good people. I just wrote about my own addiction on my blog so its good to know someone else knows this is true. Thanks!


1. Curfew: I agree with 10 pm anytime after that for a 14 year old can only cause trouble and she should have to earn a later curfew as she grows older.

2. Yes, for an established amount of time. Pick up and drop off by appropriate adult.

3. Can't answer for SoCal, but we do here in Michigan.

4. I am sure they do, however they shouldn't.

5. Both, I was wearing tampons because the sport I participated in.

I just want to say that you are absolutely a great Auntie. I struggled through many issues from 13 – 15 and can tell you from experience the important thing for girls/young ladies that age is that they have someone who they can talk to and share things with. Not that your brother is not qualified it is just sometimes it is easier to share girl stuff with another girl. Sounds like you are going to be that person.

Dave Morris

My daughter's been through all of this, and just turned 17. It's not fun. I found it most difficult because her Mom and I were at odds on enforcing consequences. Her Mom thought it was okay to ground my daughter for a week, but let her off after one day. Kids need and want rules and parameters.

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