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Best thing you can do it let it go.....and then he'll ask you. Just stop talking and waiting and know when it feels right to him, he'll get you a nice purty ring. And then, I will expect pictures. ;)


Absolutely right Melissa. Just immerse yourself in all these happy wonderful feelings and the other details will soon follow, I'm sure.

It's so good to see you so happy Heidi.

ummmm 'baked bowl of cheese'? *L* now that sounds good!!!!


OK, be patient. But I personally cannot wait till all that good stuff starts happening!

Dave Morris

If you ever start thinking that being married is the next logical step after being in love, go ahead and just slit your wrists.

Okay, that sounded a little bitter. But you know what, i'm entitled. 3 weddings have ruined perfectly good relationships for me. Okay, the marriage didn't ruin the relationship per se, but kinda. Feed me a bottle of wine sometime and I'll tell you the whole story of Dave and his unfortunate turn of marital events. It's rather sad, really.



I say you're right on target...try to enjoy the moment you're in, because you'll never have it back. You'll never be 'dating' again, and this is the time to lay the foundation for the years of marriage and baby making. So enjoy. And when he pops the question, with a ring, you'll know it was because he wanted to, and not because he felt hounded into 'hurrying up'. Then you can go forward and enjoy that next step.

(See, I'm an old married woman (been together almost 19 years, married 13), so you should listen to my wisdom) ;)


You sound like me, Heidi - I'm not, by nature, a very patient person. I do believe, however, that good things come to those who wait and so I guess I will echo the wisdom of the other commenters.

Besides, you SO deserve all that you want and more.


Very wise commenters you have here, darlin'. YOu barely need me anymore!


Enjoy what you have now. Marriage is great too, but it is a different great.


Seven years into our relationship and enough of his proposals I finally married him July 2004. I moved out January 2005 and our divorce was final September 2005.

The divorce was more painful than my continual side-stepping all those years. I only wish I would have side-stepped one more time.

Silent Spring

I remember when I was in your same exact position. I finally gave up on all the thoughts of marriage, kids, etc. and just immersed myself in my career and social life. It was just too exhausting to worry about when it would happen.

Within months of doing that, he proposed and all the hoopla began. Been married for 20 years this year and it seems like yesterday. We waited 8 years to have our kids (3 boys), and that was absolutely the best thing we did. Everyone has a different perspective about this, but I'm glad we had degrees out of the way, stable careers, money in the bank, etc., before we attempted parenthood.

Good luck. Peace.

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