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Cute! I love carving pumpkins. Happy Halloween, Heidi!


You don't like HALLOWEEN????? You and Charlie Brown, I swear.

My guess is the one on the left.

Dave Morris

Isn't halloween great? I went as a cowboy this year... minus the assless chaps.

the weirdgirl

OK, I'm guessing yours is the one that looks like it's saying, "What the heck is up with this holiday?"


Looks like fun....I love Halloween but we don't get any trick-or-treaters anymore and my 16 year old has long since out grown it. It's time for me to either have another child or move to a new neighborhood (or both!).


Looks like fun! And I hear you are waiting for the question to be popped too? Ugh. I hate being a part of this club!!!

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