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What fun! I love all your pictures, and you're right, Paula looks FABULOUS, per usual. I miss SF--but I don't miss the cold.


Oh, man, did I miss it?

If I didn't say it before, Happy Belated Birthday!

And I looooove SF! So glad you had a blast. You deserve it, Heidi!


LOVED seeing you! AND, it was close to 90 degrees in the city this past weekend - i thought about you when i was sitting at the 49er game and thought i would pass out from the heat.


San Francisco is the best city ever, and I consider myself very lucky to live so close. Wish we could afford to live there still, but with 500 sq ft condos going for 600K, that won't be happening soon.

I think it's great that he didn't see everything. You can always do something different each time you come up, and you don't have to feel rushed and overwhelmed. :) I recently took a friend of mine to the city for the day...we had such a fun time. Went to the legion of honor (it was closed, but still, SO pretty), Macy's on Union Square, Cliff house for drinks (it was a sunny, sunny day), and Elite Cafe for dinner (New owner warning! No etouffe' in sight! BUMMER), and Ambiance on Haight St. I loved that day. Gonna have to do it again SOON. I'll be like you, though, and choose different things to do this time.


Ooohhh somehow I missed this post....but nice pictures. You guys are so freaking cute.

the weirdgirl

Happy Belated Birthday! And hey, SF might be the chilliest city in the summertime, but in the winter it's downright warm!


Heidi you look so happy. I am so glad you right your mister right. You postively glow.

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had fun in SF.

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