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It's hard, babe, it's hard. I don't want to depress you by saying it never really gets easier. ;)


My husband and I dated for three years before he proposed and then another year before the actual wedding....a lot of our family and friends were like, "It's about damn time" but it felt right to us. Now, married for two years, I sometimes look back and think we should have waited a bit longer. Sounds crazy, I know.

Hope it happens for you soon and that when it does it is everything you hope for and more....patience has never been a virtue of mine.


Give the man a bit more time, like until new years and then tie him to a chair with duct tape and make him propose. Really, men are a bit slow. But also they like the actual timing of giving a ring to be perfect, so he might be waiting for that perfect second, you know?

the weirdgirl

Deep breaths! Mine took eight years to propose and I was starting to wonder if he was ever gonna do it (but we got together really young, too). However, he did it right when he did. Sometimes they need time to plan those things.


Trust me I understand the bitter end of it. I was at the end of my rope end and about to move out when he finally got around to asking. Try to be patient with him and yourself. Something tells me he is just waiting for the right time. All of that is easy for me to say, but I waited 5 years…okay, 3 years. I figure the first 2 were for him to figure out if he really could live with me for the rest of his life. Considering he stuck around after my brother wished him luck with me when we first started to date, I knew he was a keeper long before he did.

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