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I live in Texas and I'm not really a Cowboy's fan, but I'm with you about Romo. Suddenly, the Cowboys have got some class...after years of drugs and skanky living.


Very nice! Other than your mom, I'm glad you had a great day!


I don't know, he has some funny looking ears if you ask me. ;)

I think calling her the monster conveys a lot. But I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I don't mind the football, but not all day. Plus I can avoid it by going into another room and it sucks that you couldn't.

Hey, have you heard from POW? I miss that girl. Goes away and doesn't blog, who does she think she is?


But Tony Romo's dating the whore!!!! (can you tell I'm not a fan of Jessica?) I used to love her until her and Nick split up. Now I just get the feeling she's a slut and really did cheat on Nick with that dirty ass Bam. Ugh. And my mom is crazy too. She tried to give my daughter wine. She's 19 months old. Yeah.


Oh, a sip, not like a glass, lol. Just wanted to clear that up before I got hate mail and a visit from CPS. lol.


TRIED. I didn't let her. Okay I'm done clarifying. lol.

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