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Yes, blogs are very 2006. But getting engaged is always in fashion.


Hey! *I'm* still here. (And mostly staring at blank blog-space; maybe you should think about leasing out the pages if you're not going to use 'em!)

As for blogs being a passing thing...I'm sure there's some truth to well as for some, doing and reading them will remain parts of a day...while yet another possibility is that they'll morph into something else. We do live in a disposable culture, yes? Look what happened to letter writing...


I know! I lost "The Naked Ovary" which is very sad & it looks like Morphing into Mama is never coming back-which is SUPER sad! Who did you loose?


I know, it seems that this coming year finds people getting tired of blogging. And who can blame them? It takes up a lot of time. I think for quite a few people it was a fad, and for people like that, they will just jump onto the next thing. But others really enjoy writing and see it as a creative outlet, so I think blogging will probably have some staying power.


It's just become so much know for some of us who post more than once a month. ;)

Amy copied me, I'm pretty sure. Actually maybe Pancake is right and it's a fad....or some of us are just over it, I don't know.

But Heidi, we should really get together one night. Email me, ok? I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I'm just done.


Oh and you may have missed a memo...see what happens when you go to Texas?


I'm new to blogging but I think that people go through 'types' of blogging and reading different blogs...I know I've dropped some from my list and added others (you're still here Heidi ;-)

I've noticed, too, that sometimes people 'stop' one blog and start another, almost like they re-create themselves?

I used to notice that in chatrooms too *L*


I miss Issa and Amy, but I respect their decisions. I saw that MIM is back, sort of, but not with much new. I'm sad when blogs I like go away...

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