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You (and Amy of course!) look totally beeyuuutiful!

It looks lovely, and I'm so glad. We also had only about 80 people, and I've never regretted it.

Yay for pics!


Hey! It WAS a really special day for me! It was AWESOME! You looked beautiful--post a picture of you, too, crazy lady!--and it was just a perfect wedding in every way (except for you dad), which is just what you deserve.

Amanda Bevington

Heidi!!! Love the BLOG - thanks for including me! Love that you got a pic of me taking a pic! That's great - may have to use that somewhere on my site - Ha! : ) Love the pic of you two in Italy! Looks like you are so happy!!!! Wish I could have gone w/ you to document the honeymoon....hmmmm...yeah, I said it...but not ALL of the honeymoon : ) Next time, let's all go together, and we'll have you jump off the Ponte Vecchio holding hands! That would be one for the grandkids! Love you guys, A

the weirdgirl

Congratulations girl! That's so awesome and I'm so happy for both of you!


You were a beautiful bride, Heidi, and I'm more glad than I can say that you found the guy you belong with. Congratulations!!!


I am thrilled for you, sweetie. Glowing right now on your behalf...



Heidi....the only way a woman can have a smile like that is to be in love. You look absolutely fabulous, what an incredibly handsome wedding party!

I love the pic of Amy with the guys behind her....there's something about the style of the wedding pics that is so beautiful.

I can't stop smiling since I clicked on your blog today!!



oh...and I also LOVE that Pancake is wearing his Crocs with a suit!!! :)

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