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we're still reading! glad you're back...

the weirdgirl

Welcome back! Catch us up on your own sweet time.


Ah! I've missed you a lot! Saw the bridal shower pics a la our mutual friend, of course. It looked ROWDY.


It's so good to see you here again :)


Good on you, sweetie....good on you.


I hadn't been here in a looonggg time...last post I saw was probably Jan '07. But here I am.

Here to tell you how happy I am that things have worked out so well for you and Pancake. So happy that you had such a gorgeous wedding, and that you have a happy marriage and some money to give you security.

Here to tell you how sorry I am for your father's condition. For the loss of his presence in this part of your life. Sorry that his wife is being evil (is that figured out yet?). Sorry that he's asleep, and can't wake up. Horrid.

When you wrote this, I was in Alaska awaiting my mom's quintuple bypass. Now, over two months later, she's recovered, and she hasn't recovered. She's suffering from depression and having a lot of trouble just functioning enough to walk to the bathroom and maybe get a few bites into her mouth every day. She has had to be moved to an assisted care facility, actually, because of her depression. I hope against hope that they will find some medication that can help her through this.

My mother's problem doesn't seem as dire to me as that of your dad...and yet, it gives me more empathy and a sense of what you are going through. I wish you weren't going through it, and I wish I weren't either.

And though life sucks right now in so many ways, you are correct, it is beautiful in so many ways as well. And that's what gets us through, helps us to cope and wake up again tomorrow. Thanks for that.


Are you ever coming back?

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