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You're gorgeous....congratulations (again)! You are going to be a terrific mom.

jennifer headley

wow, hi beautiful married, pregnant girl. Its me. i flip thru you and amys blog from time to time to see where ur at! I'm great, never better and never more sober. I have a great apartment, great job, my sis had a baby in May....he is hecka cute. Congrads on your exciting news and I am sorry to have read of your dad. I always, always think of you and Amy and I miss and love you both. Send me your address so I can send you a card and pics.
lots of love from SF

Heather M.

I haven't stopped by in a while and look what happens when I take a leave of absence. Congrats - you look beautiful. Pregnancy agrees with you. I had my first this past July and he is simply divine. Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done, it is hands down the best thing I ever will do and I've only been at it for 6 months.


For some reason, I'm reminded of this (it's true): Several years ago, a woman was arrested in a sporting-goods store for shoplifting a basketball--she was nine months pregnant, at the time!


What wonderful news to pop by and find! I'm thrilled for you. :)

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