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Awww. I'm more happy than words can say. I know that you have been waiting a long time for a moment like this. You've worked SO hard to get here and I hope you can only keep enjoying the ride. And I hope in the depth of her eyes, you will see all the past drowning away.

Let me know when I can come by and personally say hello! :-)



Oh my goodness just look at those eyes!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

Beautiful, and such a blessing to you both, Heidi.

Thank you for giving me a reason to smile right along with you :)



What a sweet little muffin you have there! Don't eat her and make yourself miserable. ;)

I remember before my daughter was born, the baby books talking about how many hours they sleep, and planning everything I was going to get done during her long, luxurious naps. Organizing, photo albums, blah blah blah. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

What a frikkin' joke.

And yeah, having a baby/child means suddenly having your heart out and walking around outside of you, yes?

Laura (formerly mim)

CONGRATULATIONS!! She's gorgeous!

the weirdgirl

She is beautiful! Those eyes are GORGEOUS!! What a little buddha face in that first photo, too.

Take lots of naps! It helps compensate for the crying. :)

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