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Shit, sista. If I weren't so fresh off the boat walking on egg shells, I would have been right there with you. BeLIEVE me, I wanted to say something. But know that you have me and TR in your political support group when you need us.


Remarkable restraint, girl. I'm impressed. Where does this girl live, maybe we can go egg her car or something.


Yeah, I don't quite get the whole animal before people thing. I heard this a lot from out-of-towners when I lived in San Francisco. "You know who I really feel sorry for? All those animals that the homeless people have."

Uh, yeah.


Egg her car? Hell, I want to make her my mother's delicious patent pending chocolate Ex-Lax brownies. They're Grrrrrreat!


DAMN! I'm with you on this. Hell, I've interjected myself into conversations for lesser reasons (lookign at me wierd, not moving fast enough in the grocery line, smirking at a naked me in the women's locker room). It's the same situation as a cellphone call on the bus - not the time and place. Get some manners!

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