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Ha ha ha ha ha! I can't believe you found a picture of Woody. YIKES. And you and Seth look so cute! I think we need to go back to the tall boyfriend--enough with the short moody guys!


I totally love your hair in that picture - you need to cut it like that again!!! You look so cute!


Don't cut your hair, honey, it's sooooo beautiful long :-) Wait until you have a baby (goal) and THEN cut your hair!


Hilarious, and also scary. I too had a type - actually two, but it wasn't physical. One type was co-dependent, neurotic, and obsessed with me. The other type was distant, unfaithful, and obsessed with himself.

Happy hunting! I'll be aiming a virtual taser for you from here.


First, I know this sounds totally sexist, but keep your hair long. Men love it. But don't cut right after you get married. They hate that. (Husband, being the lawyer that he is, nearly made me sign a contract saying I would not cut my hair until at least five years afer our wedding.)

Also, this pattern . . . um, scary. I mean, talk about your empirical evidence.


Has anyone ever mentioned that your most recent guy looks a bit like Marilyn Manson? I mean, no unisex body suit, clear contact or pink acrylic nails (that we know of) but he looks a lot like Marilyn Manson.

Maybe it's just the photo...


Don't worry peeps, I aint cuttin' my hair. The last time I had short hair was in SF and all the lesbian ladies would be all over me! When I rebuffed them with the "I'm not gay, sorry" they would accost me and tell me "You don;t have to lie, just say you aren't interested" BITCHES!


okay, no offense to all your other peeps -- but do whatever the fuck you want. cut it, don't cut it. whatever you do, please don't do/not do to win a man or - gasp - wait until you have a baby to decide on a hairdo.

i have to say i was a tad concerned about your selections since your recent history has included some vary hairy, dark-haired men with questionable manscaping, and highly suspect social circles. not even a mention of quentin? and the agency mail boy whose name is escaping me at the moment - damon, damian, ugh, i can't remember. flashes in the proverbial pan, yes, but still - fixer-uppers, all of them. and that, my dear, is your pattern, but certainly not your type.

your type has yet to be cast because you have not yet found someone who is WORTHY - and THAT, for fuck's sake, should beyour type.

ok, here, you can have your soapbox back.

love you.

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